Axie land & land items exists on an Ethereum side-chain called Ronin which allows users to list, bid, and buy Axie land and items without paying any pesky gas fees.

This guide will go over how to start buying land. If you'd like to learn about land please review these articles:

How to Buy Land

  1. Download the Ronin wallet for Google Chrome or Firefox. Note that Ronin wallet is designed to work with Metamask, you can have both running at the same time. We will be adding hardware wallet support in a matter of weeks.
  2. Create a fresh Ronin wallet address OR use your existing Ethereum wallet address. Please note that creating a fresh address is the most secure path forward for now.
  3. Attach your Ronin wallet address to your account through your account dashboard.
  4. Next deposit ETH from Ethereum to start trading.

Here's a video tutorial to help guide you through the process of depositing ETH and starting to trade!