Game Mechanics:

Class Potential Points now scale linearly with Class Purity

With Runes and Charms acting as a core aspect of gameplay it’s been observed that players found themselves restricted to Axies that possessed a bare minimum amount of Potential Points to be truly effective.

The tradeoff for being able to mix and match parts wasn’t justified as parts from within the same class were just as if not more cohesive by design. As such we’re reworking the Potential Point system so that all Axies will have 14 total Potential Points, with the exception of Pure 7/7 Axies which will still have 15 Potential Points.

Neutral charms can be equipped with mixed Potential Points

In line with the Potential Point system rework, another consideration was that Axies with low purity in certain classes would have spare points that could only be spent on less efficient charms. Worse even at times Axies would have potential points they couldn’t even use such is the case for our special classes Dawns, Dusks, and Mechs as well as “Imposter” Axies whose six parts were of one class, but the body type was of another.

Neutral Charms have been identified as not being truly neutral as while they could be equipped by every class, the cost to equip them could only be paid for with potential points of the same Card Class. With this change Neutral Charms can be paid for with a mix of Potential Points from any class.

Potential points will be assigned in the following order: Card Class > Aquatic > Beast > Bird > Bug > Dawn > Dusk > Mech > Plant > Reptile

Note: with this system it’s recommended that you equip your class charms first before neutral charms so as to maximize your Potential Point usage.

New Game Mechanic: Energy Burst

Effects that provided players with additional energy would allow them to out tempo their opponent especially when these effects came at just the right time. This resulted in players essentially being forced to play energy gain otherwise they would be left behind in most matches.

Furthermore, games would feel extremely swingy when players would “high/low roll” their card draws so luck of the draw became very relevant in how games would play out. In turn, players could find themselves getting snowballed especially after losing an Axie early in the match.

This consideration is similar to when the scaling resource system was introduced which has since greatly improved the player experience especially in the early game as well as balanced out the strength of going first or second.

Players will be able to trigger an Energy Burst by collecting Energy Fragments. Each Energy Burst will increase a player’s energy per turn by 1 permanently and every two Energy Bursts will increase a player’s card draw per turn by 1 permanently.

The number of Energy Fragments required per Energy Burst is increased each time.

Player 1’s First Energy Burst

Player 1’s First Energy Burst