We create economic freedom for gamers.

Games with real, player-owned economies will become places where we live, work, and play. Gamers will be the first settlers of these new digital nations.

Sky Mavis builds both the virtual worlds of the future and the infrastructure that makes these games possible. We're nation builders.

Our first project is Axie Infinity— a virtual world full of fierce, adorable pets called Axies. Axies can be battled, collected, and even used to earn an income.

As part of our journey, we’ve built the tech stack to allow developers to infuse their games with Blockchain technology. Our in-house game item marketplace has processed millions of dollars in transactions including the largest game item sale of all time. In addition to Axie, we’re released a digital wallet, a scalability solution called Ronin, and a Blockchain gaming store.


Axie Infinity, which morphed into Sky Mavis, was founded in 2017 by Nguyễn Thành Trung and Đoàn Minh Tú. Aleksander Larsen, Hồ Sỹ Việt Anh, and Jeffrey Samuel Kim Zirlin joined as co-founders in early 2018.


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‪7,680 x 1,301

‪7,680 x 1,301

‪3,900 x 1,301‬

‪3,900 x 1,301‬




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